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Hi All,


I used to be able to see my Data Breakdown by "Categories" (IE, Netflix, Xbox Live, Stan, Twitch etc) but I haven't been able to see it for about 2 months. Nobody on chat has been able to give me a straight answer, but I was looking to see; have they gotten rid of that feature or is this an individual error on my account?



Re: My Optus "Categories"


One of the many things that was removed for me in the Optus account portal was the full data breakdown. I only see daily usage now with no other information. Maybe they have done the same with everyone.

Re: My Optus "Categories"


Is this for home/fixed broadband? Wouldn't surprise me if they got rid of it given they only sell unlimited plans now (understand that some people aren't on them yet).


I can definitely still see my data breakdown for mobile in the optus app though if you're referring to that

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