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Hi everyone,


I currently have a MBB Plus postpaid plan for my tablet that is expiring at the end of this week (17/9) and I am wanting to change it to prepaid as I don't use the mobile broadband very often, it is always connected to my home wifi. I went onto a live chat with someone from Optus who told me that I cannot change broadband services to postpaid or prepaid - despite me telling him it is a postpaid mobile broadband plan with a simcard I received for my tablet that I want to switch to prepaid. I am just wondering what I can do as I don't want to be on a plan for the tablet anymore. 


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys



Re: My Mobile Broadband Plus plan


Cancel it and get another SIM from Coles/WW/BIGW etc. Enable that for prepaid.

Re: My Mobile Broadband Plus plan


As suggested. Just order a prepraid plan (from Optus even). Then cancel your post paid plan.




Peter Gillespie

Re: My Mobile Broadband Plus plan


Sorry it's been a while, @EmmaN89. Did you still need a hand with this? If so, please help me verify your account by sending through your full name, DOB and phone number via PM so I can take a look at this for you.

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