My ADSL2+ connection has been a nightmare

I currently have two Optus mobile phones plans ($145 per month, 24 month contract) Optus Home Wireless Broadband ($60 per month, month to month contract) And ADSL2+ ($65 per month, 24 month contract) I had ADSL2+ connected in November 2018 and my experience with it has been a massive headache and I’d like to cancel it. I have been using Optus home wireless broadband for over 2 years on a month to month contract. I have continued to keep it to use whenever my ADSL2+ service is unusably slow or completely dropped out (which is very often). The home wireless broadband has its own problems but between the two I am able to maintain just enough internet connection to get by. Relying on just one is terrible. I even have to using my phone data via hotspot sometimes as BOTH are unusable! Since having the ADSL2+ connection installed my speeds have averaged between 0 and 6 Mbps. Often I would try to load just to confirm how bad it was and couldn’t even load the page. I spoke to technical support at one point because I had no connection whatsoever. I believed that my service was suspended because of an overdue bill and they didn’t tell me why it was slow but said they could see a problem and that it would be fixed in 15 minutes to 4 hours. The ADSL came back at its old speed of around 4 mbps. Recently the connection completely stopped again. I contacted technical support and they conducted some line tests and found a fault in the line. They sent a technician and confirmed that everything on their end is fine so it must be a fault in my building’s wiring and advised me to chase up my landlord who has to chase up the strata to get a technician to fix the fault just so I can have this terrible internet connection back again. What a nightmare. I’d love to just cancel the service. I spoke to someone from Optus on Facebook and was told that because my internet is not working as a result of a fault in my building that I couldn’t cancel the service without a fee. I am aware that from Optus’ point of view the service is working to my building but despite that and prior to this event the speeds have been unusably slow and the whole connection has been constantly dropping out. I’ve been paying for absolutely terrible internet for 4 months now… over $260 for nothing. My building is due to get NBN in 3 months and I’d love to rely on my home wireless broadband/phone data until then and at that time re-contract with Optus on an NBN plan. There’s no way I’m keeping this connection for another year and a half. If I’m forced to pay a $480 early cancellation fee I’ll just have to pay it and cancel the service. I’ll keep the wireless broadband for 3 months until I get NBN in my building and cut ties with Optus for good. Another provider can get my NBN contract and all my future phone plans. At this point I almost feel entitled to a refund for how bad it’s been and all the time I’ve spent dealing with it- instead here I am just trying to cancel the service without paying a huge fee. Please Optus, can I just end this?! Thank you, Cameron

Re: My ADSL2+ connection has been a nightmare


Sometimes Optus is generous anbd sometimes there's a lot of bluff and bluster. 


At this stage I would slow things down (no pun intended) and WRITE a formal complaint. Stating that due to factors beyond both yours and Optus control the line speed is unacceptable. You would not have entered into the contract had you known that the deliverable speed was this low.  State you want billing to be put on hold until the issue is resolved. You wish to end the contract now without penalty on either side. Wouldn't hurt to point out if you are still going to use the wireless broadband from Optus. Also that you will be making a complaint to the TIO if the issue is not properly resolved.


A written complaint has more legal weight at Optus. You'll get a complaint number and a formal reply (hopefully the contract is ended). If not then you can got to the TIO and they will work on your behalf. You may still end up being told to pay but chances are at some point along the line Optus will agree.


Good Luck


Peter Gillespie

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