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New Contributor LouT
New Contributor

Moving from cable to nbn and retaining my current contract



I have been notified by Optus that the cable service is coming to an end in my area as NBN is taking over. 


I had a chat to an Optus representative about this and was told that I could keep my current contract when moving to the NBN.


Approximately three day's later i called to process this and was told that I had to sign up to a new plan and the old plan would be cancelled. 


Im not sure what to believe or do. I want to retain my current plan as this was a deal given to us by Optus for being loyal customers for over 15+ years. This isnt fair!

Has anyone else experienced this problem?


Thanks in advance





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Re: Moving from cable to nbn and retaining my current contract

Hi Lout,


The NBN is a national upgrade to all existing internet connections. This affects not only consumers but also the Telcos that provided the Internet. All previous connection methods (and associated contracts) are being shut down and a new infrastructure is being put in place by NBNCo. Normally everyone has 18 months after the NBN arrives before existing services are shut down permenantly but in the case of Optus cable they have a special exemption and generally shut down their service around 3 months after the NBN arrives. 


Its not a question of "fair" its just a massive switch over to new technology for the entire nation and both you and Optus have little control over that. So the answer to your question is that any existing contract is essentially finished. There are no penalty clauses. One of the great things about the NBN is now you can choose any ISP to provide highspeed (100Mbps) internet and not just Optus or Telstra. There are plenty of great deals out ther so I suggest loooking around and finding one that fits. You can of course stick with Optus but it will be a new deal an a new contract. If its not what you want then you have options. If it is then sign on the dotted line. 


FWIW I suggest what ever plan you go for, make sure its a month to month deal. On the NBN you can switch providers in 15 minutes with a phone call. Try one out and swap if you're not happy or a better deal comes along.


Peter Gillespie

New Contributor LouT
New Contributor

Re: Moving from cable to nbn and retaining my current contract

Thanks for your reply Peter, very informative. I guess your right maybe its time to move on to another provider. 

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