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Moving address from NBN to non-NBN

Hey Yes Crowd - I'm moving address from a NBN serviced location to an address that does not yet have NBN connected.


How does Optus handle this?

What will the impacts be on my internet service?

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Respected Contributor

Re: Moving address from NBN to non-NBN

Yes it will impact your internet service as after all you're moving.


Optus handles it by you requesting a move to the new address, depending on the type of service you currently have (VDSL) it may be a matter of taking you're modem and plugging in and waiting. I guess the bonus is the modems are backwards compatible so they shouldn't have any issues if it ends up as a ADSL service. Yes there's plenary of behind things that have to happen before the service would become active the big one being is there Optus infrastructure and/or/if there port availability ect ect. Then of course there's the time it takes for the process to be followed through.


A thought comes to mind about phone number allocations and I'm sort of sure once a landline number is ported into NBN infrastructure there isn't a port out feature, of that I'm not sure of.



home-broadband and moving to a new premise



Cheers Dave

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