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RetiredModerator AlexRH

Re: Modem password entry

Hey @Dr_Krueger, can appreciate that this would be pretty frustrating Smiley Sad I apologise that you've been unable to get it resolved sooner.

Can you please PM me? I'd be more than happy to take a closer look at what's going on and what your options would be. 

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Occasional Contributor Dr_Krueger
Occasional Contributor

Re: Modem password entry

Good News Everyone ,


Seems that intervention from the fine and upstanding "AlexRH" has moved things along. The current problematic combo  (Netgear CM500V-1STAUS/SAGECOM 3864) is being replaced - 3 to 5 days delivery. Note that that the Netgear CM500V has run beautifully, not missing a beat - typical Netgear Smiley Happy .


To be continued . . . . 





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Occasional Contributor spoon579
Occasional Contributor

Re: Modem password entry

That is indeed good news. After my lack of good news on here, I ended up buying a new modem.


(Well 2, actually, the first one, a TP-LINK Archer just straight up doesn't work with optus, no-one seems to know why. Took more trawling on these forums to confirm it, though. But the Asus one I got after that seems to be working).

Would have been nice not to have to spend a couple of hundred on a solution, though, so I am quite jealous of you.

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Occasional Contributor Dr_Krueger
Occasional Contributor

Re: Modem password entry

Ahhhh Welllll then, I may have some good news for you!


I advised, the day before yesterday in an Optus Chat Session (unfortunately the operator signed out "prematurely" so I was unable to save it) that if I replaced the offending SAGEMCOM I could take the receipt to any optus store and have my account credited to the full amount of the replacement. I then asked him to confirm, which he did.

However, I would, if I were you, confirm that with one of the moderators here and get some form of documentation as the store staff tend to be sales only & in my experience pop you on the phone for everything else..... which just ups the frustration level by 2 orders of magnitude.


As for my "good fortune" - Kudos to Alex.

Occasional Contributor spoon579
Occasional Contributor

Re: Modem password entry

Woah, that is big news indeed...

Now, where did I put that receipt!

Occasional Contributor Dr_Krueger
Occasional Contributor

Re: Modem password entry

Well Whackydoo !


Are you seated comfortably brave & fearless listener ? Grab a cuppa and read on. Best get a biscuit or two too.

The Saga continues . . .

Bright and early at the crack of 0800 I checked my mailbox at the frontdoor in sunny Redfern, to find two packages clearly marked OPTUS stacked against the front security screen. Not hidden behind the two enormous wheely bins a mere 2.5 meters away ... rather, stacked lengthways on top of each other to present the absolute maximum frontage to the world! Id been up and caffienated since 0700 and not heard nary a sound from the front door . . . . not a tap, not a knock, not a shaking of the security door nor the opening of the deliberately noisy cast iron gate to the "porch". Apparently I had missed the worlds quietest , or shyest, courier. I will let you imagine the brouhaha that would of followed had they been stolen. (Spank your courier Mr Optus!!)


As you will recall dear listener, I mentioned 2 (two) packages. My heart sank. Had they just sent identical replacements ? Had my multiple, many multiple, cajoles', requests & plees to the contrary been ignored by the offshore "helpdesk"? By this time I was on my second coffee and was feeling generally optimistic about the world , I put rational thought to one side and chose a brighter and more cheerful, if temporary , reality.


Carefully opening the closest package to hand, (Eeenie meanie Mynee Moe has failed me too often & I couldnt find a coin & rock/paper/scissors solo is tricky . . ) revealed a shiny new netgear gear modem - identical to the one I allready have. The one the has provided flawless service and is not the problem unit and the one I specifically said at least 10 times was not the issue . . .


This did not bode well Ken. (Is it ok if I call you Ken dear listener ? Ken is allways a good person right, ever met a shady Ken ? No, never. Its not really gender neutral, but lets just go with Ken for the moment) . Well Ken, this does look bleak doesnt it.

So, On to the next package. Package number 2. After giving package number 2 a solid scowling, I popped the safety off the freshly re-bladed Stanley and carefully opened what I feared would be my Nemesis. . . . Another f'n SAGEMCOM.


Its black! (My current sagemcom is white). Maybe its not a bollocky bloody sagemcom... Trehlee trahlah joy oh joy !!

But wait.... its a black . . . .  SAGEMCOM.

Ken, I gotta tell you - a fetid verde rage fell upon me. Darkness descended and I heard a dull boom in the distance. Somewhere a pair of hobbits cacked their drawers.

Then I thought, Self . . .Self, why not just check the model numbers. Give Optus the benefit of the doubt.

I did Ken. And the SAGEMCOM were different Ken ! KEN, do you hear me Ken . . . Not the same.

I permitted myself the merest glimpse of hope.

The game is afoot Ken !!

Bounding up the treacherous terrace house stairs I attempted to change the defualt admin password.

Ken,  . . . . it failed.

I couldnt login using the new or original password.

I would not be deterred Ken, this may just be user error.

I had been sent a different model altogether and the new one had both 2.4 & 5 ghz bands. I still had hope.

I sloped downstairs and power cycled.

No change. No change Ken. Ken, no change. Here, Ken . . there is no change.

I tried again.

Hope was now cowering in the corner fearing for its existance.

Same result.

One more time. One more time will I look into the abyss. And Ken, the abyss was looking right back at me.


Ken, old friend . . . I rubbed my eyes and read it again.

"In the Old Password Field use optus "

Could this be true Ken ?

I had assumed that Old Password meant Old Password... as in the password to the wifi supplied by optus.... or the defaut password which is . . . .you guessed it Ken : password.


So Ken, I entered optus in the old password field and MY PASSWORD in the 2 feilds below.

Sphincters tightened, brows' sweated, fists were clenched, teeth were gnashed. Was this the End . . . . My Own Personal One Ring fling Into Mt Doom Moment . . .



The password held.

The Shadow of insecurity fled wailing into the East .


I did not get the single NetGear modem I wanted . . .  But Ken - I have a secure network & dual band wifi.

That'll do Ken, that'll Do.


One last thing - Just because (on these sagemcom units) a button looks like its "greyed out", doesnt mean its actually Greyed Out.

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