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I just got Optus tonight, and am setting up the modem. I am amazed that I can't lock down the admin user on this.

To be clear, I am not concerned about people breaking into my house, plugging in an ethernet cable and changing my settings.

I'm not concerned about hackers hacking my wifi, and getting access to my router.


However I do plan to set up parental controls to block late night access to the internet from the kids' computers. This becomes a completely pointless feature if the kids can just go to the router and change the settings.


Like others here, I'm also pretty surprised by the dismissive attitude of the moderators here. It's a pretty standard feature, and one that this modem obviously supports. It seems odd for the users to have to come up with justifications as to why we require security access that should be enabled by default.

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Hmmm yeah, not great hey! With regards to the moderators, having worked for a big corporation previously I don't think it's that they want to be dismissive more that the people they report this sort of feedback to aren't going to, can't or won't make the changes for reasons they don't wish to disclose to the mods. They then get stuck with having to relay that message to the customers. It's their job, I know, but probably not their fault.


While you shouldn't have to, there have been some suggestions posted on here as a work around that you might like to consider. One was that you set up a guest network which your children are given access to which you can switch off at night. Not automatic so if you're out or forget, could be problems. The other one was that you bridge the modem to a third party router which includes all the features you want (namely parental controls and a lockable admin system). Downside to this is additional time for you to set up as well as the cost of a third party router (unless maybe you have an old one from a previous connection?).


Can't believe how knowledgeable children are these days! With that in mind, I'd hope Optus helped out with adding this feature in their next firmware update.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I might see if I have an old router around. I don't think the guest network thing would be a workable idea. (and when I say "kids" I'm talking about teenagers, and yeah, they're pretty tech savvy).


And I understand what you're saying about the impossible position that the mods are in. But I think some of the things said here (e.g. that it's really not a security issue, or that there are default passwords on the net, so you don't need to worry about not having one) aren't just dismissive, but show a lack of understanding of the issue.


I came to the forums in the hopes of finding people with the same issue, and an answer to my problem. Instead I found people with the same issue being told that they didn't really have a problem at all. If that is what's being passed on from the devs then it doesn't leave us much hope that this will get addressed (and the fact that this was raised so long ago and is still an issue also doesn't leave much hope).

But I guess all we can do is insist that is IS an issue, that the workarounds aren't really acceptable, and that we'd like it addressed.

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A very fair and valid point spoon! Hopefully a mod see's your comment(s) and takes that on board. Better yet, hopefully someone in a position to make the decision for change understands yours and others positions and makes said change.


Good luck with the teens!

I do not represent Optus. The views, opinions and advice expressed in my posts are my own

Re: Modem password entry


A continuing problem with no resolution. I phoned the tech support for assistance with this, and was met with compete contempt. "This modem does not support this feature"

Like most, I am not worried about individuals gaining access to my WiFi(confidence in the security), but would like the ability to enforce household restrictions for my kids - without them being able to undo them.

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I've ended up going back to the modem/router I was using before I got optus, and not using the optus one at all.

It irks me that I'm essentially renting something that is useless to me, but that was the only solution to the issue.


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This is a ridiculous and unacceptable situation.  As much publicity as possible is needed to help Optus understand their customers concerns and do something about it - dismissing us as idiots is just pathetic - and yes I've worked in IT for nearly 40 years and have never seen a known situation like this not being addressed.

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Just got my modem installed a day ago and the same problem is continuing.  I installed parental controls to time internet access and tried to set a password so my teenager can't change it back.  It failed now keeps asking me for a user name and password which I don't know so I'll have to reset the modem.

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Hi @JohnW sorry to hear about the troubles you've been having with your service. If you'd still like some assistance please feel free to PM the account details here →

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Re: Modem password entry


Any attempt to change the SAGECOM 3864 admin password will fail and will often require a factory reset.


This issue is ongoing, yet the online support team seem to be blisfully (or perhaps willfully) unaware.


The first 3 agents I spoke to had no clue whatsoever about the issue and stood firm behind the notion that it is not a problem that anyone with LAN or WiFi access can access the modem. I tried several times to explain the inherent security issues, then just gave TF up.

The 4th person I spoke to eventually informed me that it was not possible to change the aadmin password AND THAT THIS HAD BEEN POLICY FOR SEVERAL YEARS.


 I have begged, pleased and cajoled to have the original netgear modem (obviously not the exact unit & I forget the model #) that was replaced by the Netgear CM500V-1STAUS and the SAGECOM 3864.

For no given reason, this is not an option.

To illustrate just how the issue is misunderstood . . . . . 2 operators have offered to replace the SAGECOM 3864 !!!

Yet 2 others have suggested that I replace the units out of my own pocket !


Does anyone know if I can speak to someone in Australia, preferably Sydney, as I am just going in circles on the phone or in chat.

Ive spent over 12 hours on the phone and in chat at this point . . . . getting somewhat frustrated and annoyed at this point.

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