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New Contributor

Modem interfering with TV reception.

Since our connection with optus, the black netgear modem has been interfering with our Free-to-air TV reception.


If the black modem is unplugged then the free-to-air channels are fine, if the modem is on then we can't view half the available channels. The tv is plugged into the antenna and the internet is from the optus port.

Obviously we would like to watch both tv and have internet too.

Any suggestions as to why its doing this? I can't have the tv in another room as its still affected.



20181106_155917 (Small).jpg

20181106_155927 (Small).jpg

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Re: Modem interfering with TV reception.

@Nick123456, I haven't seen this particular issue come in the past. 


You could try fiddling with the WiFi channel setting. WiFi does share the same frequency as a number of different appliances.

I can't be sure that it will fix the issue, but it's worth a shot.


Change WiFi Channel settings. 


Let us know how you go. If you're still having trouble, post back here and we'll see if we can work this one out. 

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