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Credit where credit is due. It is almost fixed.

A Tech called on Saturday, said that it could be a port fault on the NBN modem, switched me to another port and now I have an Internet connection.

I have no phone, but I am sure that is a minor issue.


The issue wasn't with the Optus Modem. The issue is with the NBN modem. 


All of this could have been avoided if the issue was correctly diagnosed in the first place.

3 courier bags, 3 modems, 1 overnight express. Credit on an account for services lost.


Glad I don't have shares in Singtel.







Re: Modem Replacement


Hi @AJH,  Lessons to learn so far:

  1. If you have multiple modems sent out as replacement for a fault and none of them work, then it is highly likely that the fault lay somewhere else (i.e. not with the modem).  There are quite a few listed in this forum and my money is that most are caused by PEBKAC or NBN network issues.
  2. If you want to get the fault fixed quickly. you need to help with all the information that you have available (or could have available) to you.  You may have been able to prove the modem is working and request Optus direct their investigation elsewhere (mentioned in an earlier post).
  3. Point 2 is all well and good, but Optus can only request NBNCo to look at certain areas (it can't command).  From NBNCo's point of view, the card/port may have been reporting healthy, so that there was no contra-indications that there was a problem.  NBN control the fault finding within their network, same as Optus within their network and you within your network - there are a lot of moving parts.  And as a wise person once said, for NBN's, Optus' and your own networks, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.


Good luck with the rest.  Good to see that it is finally resolved (resolving) and fantastic that you have actually reported closure rather than leave it open as so many others do.

Re: Modem Replacement


Hey @AJH, glad to hear that things are finally on the mend. I'm sorry that it's taken up until now to get there. NBN have identified an issue with the UNI - D port on the NTD that we'd assigned to your service? As per our standard trouble shooting process, we'll run a diagnostic on the NTD and the operational UNI - D port. We'll be prompted within 2 minutes of performing the test as to whether there’s a known defect with either the port or NTD. If we're being advised that there are no issue, then this is the advice we'll go off. It sounds like we've done our bit in trying to isolate the issue. We can definitely offer a pro rata adjustment for the time that you've been without service. This is based on the date in which we'd logged your first fault ticket up until the day the fault was resolved.


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Re: Modem Replacement


Going thru something similar.


Moved house, new place is NBN which apparently takes the same modem.


Tried moded...modem dead (won't even act as a router, cannot connect to modem via ethernet, wifi or USB).  Conclusion (after working in the IT industry for over 20 years); need a new modem.


Go see the guys at the local store.  They cannot (wouldn't) even plug the modem in anywhere (apparently their shop doesn't even have a power point so I can demonstrate that the correct sequence of lights fails to occur) but at least they accept that the modem's dead.


Starting to get somewhere right...wrong! They don't carry spares (of their universal, fits almost every connection in town, base model modem; I mean why would's just crazy to have useful parts just waiting on the shelves for customers to access when they're needed right?).


So, one hour later spent on their couch reading while the poor bloke in the shop tries to get me a new modem...we're on to level 2 (or at least tech support now).

Enter the tech support guy.  After another 1/2 hour spent arguing over the merits of a modem that can't even be connected to we determine that the modem's dead (whew...what a releif...we have agreement).  Solution - send me a'll only take 2 days to get there (lucky I'm in the middle of a relocation and will be home to sign for it).

Hand back the phone feeling like we're getting somewhere only to be told by the guy in the shop that I'll have to call them again later in the afternoon after my new connection has been made because they won't be sending my modem to the place I'm reconnecting to...oh hells no....they'll send it to the place they just disconnected as part of my relocation but a quick phone call to this number recounting these numbers will get me sorted.




To shorten the story....many hours on hold, days of waiting and phone-calls later.  My modem's sitting at an abandoned house in SA.  I'm sitting in Sydney without a modem and an ever increasing bill as I'm having to use my modem as a hotspot.  And the OPTUS solution.  We can reduce your bill so you can go out and buy one because it will take 2 days to send a new one.


Which part of JUST SEND THE MODEM TO THE HOUSE WHERE I LIVE is too hard to understand?


20 years as a mobile customer - no dramas.  5 years as an internet customer - nothing but problems, poor account management, lousy speed, appalling support and service (unless you made it through to the WA office) and failure to meet any installation deadlines.


My advice: Keep an optus mobile and ditch their internet and business services - waste of your time.  I was with TPG for years and they were fantastic.




Re: Modem Replacement


Here's a thought....put spares in your Optus No (sorry Yes) stores; that may be an intelligent solution!

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