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New Contributor zzzoptus
New Contributor

Modem DSL light on but Internet light off

I am new to Optus with my ADSL2 internet just being connected two weeks ago. Unfortunately, on Monday I woke up to no internet without changing anything. The DSL light was solid and stable and the Internet light on the modem was completely off. It's been like that since Monday.


I've called Optus and they sent a new modem, however it isn't a modem issue since I have tested other non-Optus modems with the same result. I've changed my OptusNet password and updated it in the ADSL2+ Login pages on the modems. My home phone also has a dial tone.


Any ideas about what it could be? I'm certain I'm entering the correct OptusNet email address + password in the modem login page. I'm connected through Ethernet. I've factory reset the modem.


Also, bonus question: Is there a way to go straight to the Optus technical support without going through 10 phone menu options taking 5 minutes?

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Occasional Contributor PaulCav
Occasional Contributor

Re: Modem DSL light on but Internet light off

You are correct it is not the modem.


when the internet light is not on it means that the modem is not connected to the provider that is to say it is not dialing so to speak and getting an answer.


Ensure that there are no other devices connected to the phone line to ensure there is no interference.


Ask the tech support to send someone to your location and get them tp to test the phone line to ensure that the line is clear and connected to your provider in this case optus sometimes the lines are connected but the programming at the exchange is damaged.

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Re: Modem DSL light on but Internet light off

I apologise for the delay in response. Did you get a chance to speak to someone in regards to your internet connection, since posting? Did the new modem fix the issue? If you are still facing the same problem then speak directly to Tech Support on Live Chat now. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further assistance, 

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Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

Re: Modem DSL light on but Internet light off

If you either phone or live chat with a tech they will be able to test your line and your modem.  If the line is dud they'll send someone to fix it.  If you have a dud modem they'll send you another one.

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