Mobile broadband wont connect to the network.


I had an existing mobile broadband setup that I swapped out for a new deal; new number, SIM and modem. This new setup will not connect to the network despite full signal. I've spoken over the phone with IT, seen the in-store crew, had the SIM swapped, the modem replaced and the deal canceled and reinstated to try and fix this issue. It works in town but not at my home. My old modem worked fine, my phone and tablet both function normally. What could be causing this issue?

Re: Mobile broadband wont connect to the network.


Hi @RGrim, have you recently signed onto one of our new Optus wireless 200GB or 500GB Optus? What's the make and model of the broadband modem that you're using, it it the B525 WiFi modem? 

If so, I'd suggest logging into the modems web user interface. You'll need to type in → 

Navigate to the Settings tab Dial-Up Profile Management. Make sure that the APN: LTEBROADBAND has been entered. The APN used with a traditional Mobile Broadband service is, "connect" 

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