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Mobile Wifi broadband charging?


Hi,  I am a mature person who is not very tech savvy.  Tried calling Optus for advice but as usual long long delays and cant get through!  We have just changed to mobile wifi broadband modem AC800S to eliminate our home phone.  My question is this:

Can you leave your mobile modem device plugged in permanently when at home?  At the moment, we have been charging it (then the screen says fully charged and to disconnect) which we have been doing.  Seems like a bit annoying to always be checking to see if battery has not run down or reverting to our 4G mobile phone package when at home. Thank you for any advice.

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Re: Mobile Wifi broadband charging?

Hey @squidink. It will be perfectly safe to leave the device plugged in, but with any lithium battery this will reduce it's life span. If you're not worried about travelling with the device, then battery life probably isn't a concern and you can just leave it plugged in. Otherwise after a year or 2 you may start to find that the battery life doesn't last as long as it use to.

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