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Millbank has recently been upgraded from adsl to nbn fttc .i was due to change over on the 10/09 still waiting for activation . Is there an issue ? Chat keeps saying wait 24 hours .try telling the kids that !

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@sadrrrrrr, had we booked in an appointment for you?


Depending on the infrastructure that's already present/not present, we may need to organise a NBN tech to go out.


If the home is ready to go, we'll send you self-installation kit. That includes an Optus supplied modem and an NBN connection box. 


I'm happy to take a quick look at the order. I'll let you know where we're at.


You'll just need to send us a private message? I'll need your full name, DOB and account number. 


If you're in need of an immediate response, you can also catch us on Live Chat



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