Message re Port Out Request


I received a text message purporting to be from Optus on my non-Optus mobile :


Hi, we've received your Port Out request for this service and are processing it now. Didn't request your number to be ported out? Please contact us immediately


Issues I have:


1. I worked in IT, but am not a telecommunications engineer. I don't know what a Port Out request is, and did not initiate it myself. I recently signed up with another company to convert from Optus ADSL2+ to NBN. I am presuming that it may be related to that, though "this service" in the message appears to indicate my mobile account, which is not with Optus. The NBN us not scheduled to be installed for two weeks and the other provider told me not to initiate any cancellation proceedings with my current provider (Optus) as it would complicate the transfer of my existing landline phone number, which I wish to keep. Jeez, keep the jargon to yourselves.


2. The domain name to which I am being asked to respond looks dodgy. Other messages here indicate it is legit, but using a less dodgy looking domain name would save me some time and concern.


3. The link did take me to Optus Live Chat, but of course no consultant was available to chat >:-(, so here I am.


4. The message exlained nothing in terms I could understand, and was perplexing and annoying rather than informative or helpful. And I understand tech reasonably well.


Do I have reason to worry that Optus will suddnely cut off my land line and ADSL2+?




Re: Message re Port Out Request


So Port Outs are for mobiles, churns are generally pstn type services. 


Port out means your mobile number is in the progress of moving to a different mobile service provider. 

This process is set by acma (fed gov) and required info such as account number, date of birth and full name and the new provider gains the service. 


Is your mobile service still working? 

If not you need to contact Optus. 


The domain name is valid. Have had that used on valid requests I have submitted.



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Re: Message re Port Out Request


Thanks, but as I mentioned my mobile account is with Vodafone, not Optus. I am an Optus customer for ADSL2+ and land line phone. Not mobile.


I have no doubt you are correct, but if so the message from Optus makes no sense.


Re: Message re Port Out Request


I finally got onto chat, they don't seem to understand it either. Looks like my decision to switch to another provider for my NBN was a sensible one.

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