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Wow Optus. You are beyond disbelief. I could write a 50 page letter on your disgusting customer service but I'll keep it short for here and detailed for when i need it. You've wasted enough of my time.

Same responses, continual lies, same untrained staff, no communication, no company structure, NO ONE WANTS HELP. Everyone at Optus 'understands your dilema' but no one fixes anything. 

Believe me when i say you need for valium to deal with this company. My issues started in Feb and I'm still no closer to a resolution than what i was almost 5 months ago.

In total I'm at:  84.4 hours on hold, 9.25 hours speaking to people who have no idea, 5 days off work waiting for technicians that didn't come, 8 hours waiting in Optus stores, 164 hours driving my daughter to her fathers house every day because she does school online, (also missed time off work for this) cancelled my diploma because I was doing it online so not only lost my course fees but also set me back a year and for my $60 a month contract they're charging me 4 times per month. So $240 a month for nothing but stress, bulls**t stories, dead promises. Not my debt but they still restricted ALL SERVICES and sent my $1000 bill to the debt collectors.

Never in my life have i had to deal with such incompetent staff and suffer such disgraceful service.....

My recommendation, ****STAY WELL CLEAR OF OPTUS*****.

Don't even bring them into consideration. 

I've only just discovered this and thought it might be worthwhile to share that there is a 'Customer Service Guarantee'  they must strictly follow this by Law and for every convicted breach of this there are huge penalties and credits lost.

Well Optus, you've breached every way possible with me alone. Enjoy your multi million dollar fine that's coming your way. I'm doing what i should've done months ago. Handing it all over to the Telecommunication Industry Ombudsman (TIO) I look forward to my compensation. Have a nice day

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Hi @Grumble73 - Appreciate you taking your time to write this up, however it's quite disappointing to hear. 

Are you able to provide me with some detail around your initial enquiry? From the information you've provided, I gather this is to do with technical issues? Have you been provided with any fault reference numbers we could look into?

Apologies for the experience you have had, certainly sounds frustrating. 

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