Ludicrously slow Apple downloads


I'm currently trying to update my mac to El Capitan and it's quoting 3 days + to download 6GB (after taking 2 days and then giving me an error first and making me start again). Speedtest give me the standard speed i always get but this is pitiful. I know Telstra are having issues to the Apple servers (allegedly now fixed) but maybe Optus should have told people that this was also an issue for them, rather than just not saying anything. Would someone from Optus like to telll me why this is happening and what's being done to fix it?

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There has been no complaints on the forum about it however the Optus network hasn’t been the best of late so maybe nobody noticed the difference in the slow speeds. Smiley Happy I just had a quick read about the issue and apparently a submarine cable to the Singapore update servers was playing up. From what I understand this problem has since been resolved.

Re: Ludicrously slow Apple downloads


Same issue here

Re: Ludicrously slow Apple downloads


I have the same issue and others have posted similar on whirlpool.


Originally tried to download El Capitan for 2 days (only got to 3.9GB of 6GB) and it failed this evening so has start again with an estimated download completion of 3days 5hours.


Checking the speed of the download it is maxing out at 40kbps.


It's also not just this update I can no longer stream music over Apple Music either.


It's not my connection as everything else functions just fine.


What's going on Optus...? I've chatted on twitter and no one want to say what is going on.


Meanwhile people on whirlpool said they used a VPN and got the update down via the VPN in 30 mins.

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That was exactly my issue too. I'e now managed to download it (it took more than 3 days) but i shall wait until Optus have resolved this until i update the other macs in my house. Poor form Optus.

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Exactly the same issue in Moorabbin, Melbourne.


All downloads from Apple servers are ridiculously slow. I have tried downloading El Capitan three times now and all have failed (blowing a few gigabytes each time). iOS updates are similarly slow.


I also have a mobile hotspot with Telstra and do not experience the same issues with that. So perhaps Telstra has fixed their submarine cable but not Optus ?!?!?!?


Optus, could we please have an explanation?

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Sorry for the delayed response all,


We've had some Optus customers experiencing slow services when downloading or updating apps & software.


As mentioned above we can confirm this has been caused by a break in the underwater cable between Australia, Singapore, Indonesia & Malaysia.


To minimise the impact on customers, Optus has re-routed the majority of network traffic to an alternative underwater cable.


We are working with relevant parties to monitor the issue.


Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.


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Re: Ludicrously slow Apple downloads


That's great that we finally know why.


But why did it take nearly a week longer than Telstra to admit that this was the issue...?


And they had this resolved for their customers 4 days ago...! 


Or was Optus just going/hoping to hold out until the cable itself was fixed.



Re: Ludicrously slow Apple downloads


Here is an ETR for the cable break


Vocus general manager of engineering Rick Carter confirmed the SEA-ME-WE cable connecting Perth to Singapore has been cut at segment 3.3 since September 25.

He said a cable repair ship had been deployed to address the issue and expects to repair the cable by October 15.

Read more:

Re: Ludicrously slow Apple downloads


Yep. But until now only Telstra had admitted the cable issue had affected their services.


All the interactions with Optus I had seen and had, not once did they say it had anything to do with the severed cable even when asked directly.

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