Re: Ludicrously slow Apple downloads


Been happening for me now for a couple of days. Only downloads from the Mac App Store seem to be affected. All other downloads seem fine. 

Re: Ludicrously slow Apple downloads


Hi Marie,


So it turns out this issue with Optus delivering 20KB/s speed (yes that is a 'K') for Apple downloads is back in my area (3189 on cable).


The rest of the Internet works but attempting to download the Mac OS X 10.11.2 update (and iOS apps) is basically not possible.


I do not believe there has ben another underwater cable break so can you shine some light on why I am not getting the service I am paying for this time?


Perhaps you are having issues with your caching?


When is this going to resolve?




Re: Ludicrously slow Apple downloads


I am in 3132 using an Optus Cable service and I am getting better download performance tethering my Macbook Pro to my iPhone. The iPhone is on an Optus 4G service. Go figure.


I was able to download a 2GB ISO image file in fifteen minutes using the Optus Cable service. The download server is in the US. So it seems to be narrowed down to Apple based download and streaming services.


Maybe a telephone call is what is required.

Re: Ludicrously slow Apple downloads


I have figured out some of the problem, but I'm not sure if the fault lies with Optus or Apple's CDN. As others have observed, your DNS settings can affect where some Apple downloads are served from.


My default settings for Optus Cable DNS are:,, Under these settings, downloading El Capitan uses a server that appears to be in Hong Kong:


20:48:57.007600 IP > Flags [.], seq 20272:21720, ack 1, win 61, options [nop,nop,TS val 734977423 ecr 953289276], length 1448: HTTP

This can be really slow.


If I override the DNS settings to use, which from memory is some Microsoft DNS server, then resume the download, it starts using a Sydney server that is much faster:


20:48:08.453766 IP > Flags [.], seq 16400048:16401496, ack 1, win 74, options [nop,nop,TS val 541999673 ecr 953245241], length 1448: HTTP

I haven't yet had time to dig into why DNS settings might affect the CDN operation in this way.


Note that while using alternative DNS servers can help with download speeds, I have sometimes hit problems, such as Netflix refusing to work until I change the DNS back to the default.


Re: Ludicrously slow Apple downloads 15Dec'15


I am also suffering the same terrible performance from the Opus/ Apple Interface in Eltham, Melbourne.

I am trying to download El Capitan 10.11.2 update (6.2Gb).  In 24 hours it has downloaded 701Mb and now the estimate is for 6 days!!


I had Optus check my network connection and after an hour with technician on phone, he confirmed my 100Mb/s network was downloading at 95.6Mb/s in their speed test.  Good enough, but it is not what I amgetting when connected to the Apple AppStore, as above illustrates.  Can download from Microsoft 235Mb in 10 secs.


Spoke to Apple who say they are not experiencing any particular problems, and Googling the issue indeed suggestes that the problem is the Apple/ Optus interconnect, as other ISP's are not affected.


Have tried different settings, reset the Optus modem etc.  Have also changed DNS settings as this was suggested might solve the problem - all to no avail.


Well Optus what's going on??

Re: Ludicrously slow Apple downloads


Just tried that and the download calculator still says it will take 4 days to download El Capitan. Meanwhile, I can't play downloaded TV (just get a black screen) and I'm told that upgrading to El CApitan will fix this. Between Apple and Optus, I'm not feeling loved at the moment!

Re: Ludicrously slow Apple downloads 15Dec'15


Been trying to resolve this for several days and definitely some dns servers are much faster than the standard ones.  See other postings here.


Ironically just had a call from "Grace" at Optus Premier Sercies? - a company Optus uses to make customer feel they are being attended to.  Unfortunately Grace has no techical knowledge and just wanted to say that Optus cared and I would have to take it up somewhere else in Optus.  She couldn't say where!  Complete waste of space and time and rang off - when I siad this sort of response wasn't good enough!

Re: Ludicrously slow Apple downloads 15Dec'15


Quelgar's suggestion to change DNS to worked for me. As a workaround. Hoping that this gets fixed for everyone soon Smiley Happy.

Re: Ludicrously slow Apple downloads 15Dec'15


That DNS worked for me too. Super-quick downloads in the App Store...

Re: Ludicrously slow Apple downloads


Hi all,


Got an update via Twitter -


"Seems like there may be a routing issue since servers were relocated. Our Network team are working to resolve ASAP".

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