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New Contributor Gallipolist
New Contributor

Loss of landline again

My landline has lost service. 3rd time in 3 days.

We reset phones and internet router/modem.

Problem is persistent in its returning.

We decided to call the Optus Support and then followed a set of steps which was then ) pointing to a fault in the line.  There is no issue with the line.

We then used the call back service line and we are unable to contact anyone as the automated message said that Optus have done all they need to do on our phone number line. 

what a terrible arrogant message.

for god sake help people 

Optus you are a shameful service provider who do the utmost to avoid accountability.



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Moderator Kartika

Re: Loss of landline again

Hi @Gallipolist, sorry for the delay in response and your Home phone issue. How is the service now? Were you able to chat with Tech Support in this regards since posting? From what you have mentioned sounds like a fault. Have they raised a ticket for you? If you still need assistance then PM us → here your phone number, account number, full name and date of birth so that we can follow this up for you. 

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New Contributor Gallipolist
New Contributor

Re: Loss of landline again

Thanks for the response.

i followed the steps and the technical support run a series of tests over a pmeriod of time. The diagnostics indicated to remote support person of a fault in the line. The on line technician ended with a direction us to engage a linesman to assess our line in our premises. I was concerned this step was putting the first step burden of determining the location of the fault on a homeowner. As it happened a family member who works for T was nearby and was able to visit and then confirm there was no issue inside our property. Had we engaged a linesman privately it would have cost min of $85.

I then tried to re-contact Optus again (58 min in queue on phone) to confirm the issue is not in our house.

Online technician tried test again, then upon failure outcome of test 5(e analyst consulted the case manager.

The response changed. NBN is active with work in the exchange in your area. Likliehood of cause was now shifting to the local exchange. Great to know and I was both relieved and a bit sour. Why did it take so long for the probable cause of line work at the Exchange to be considered. Had we not been persistent and fortunate with family members vocation, I wondered.

Services were restored 4 days later. Nothing to do with our premises , our line in our premises.

suggest the analyst who are tasked to follow a process when handling these calls have an additional step early in the diagnosis and tests to check on whether there is nbn  work going on at the exchange theline is connected to.


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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Loss of landline again

Ah, thanks for the update @Gallipolist. It does sound like there's been a real gap in communication. Which Network did we have you connected to, was it our Cable or ADSL Network? Did you have any neighbours that had also been impacted by the issue? I'd have thought that such an issue would of been broadcast on our Network status page →


I do agree with your last point, the NBN roll out can at times impact existing ADSL/Cable services in the area. Our front-line tech support team do have a sort of diagnostic work flow they follow which differs from Network product to Network product. Thanks for the feedback 🙂 If any other questions come up, please feel free to send them through.

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