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Loss of Service

I am at a loss of the service that has been provided in relation to an issue with my elderley mother's home phone which intially was only working intermitently for four weeks and then no phone service at all from Wednesday last week.  We were told that once the issue was resolved my daughter would receive a text.  The service has been restored and we are still waiting on a text from Optus.

Because of her age and for her own security I bought her a prepaid mobile on Saturday but to get to her home on Saturday to find the service has been restored with no text from Optus to advise.  Previoiusly to this we have had three technicians out in relation to the same issue.  The lenghty times taken to talk to Optus and not getting anywhere.  I have just been on the chat line for an hour and half and they have now told me to contact High Care Assitance to find that it is just a generaly number.  This is appalling service.  The whole reason for the chat was to find how to obtain compensation for my mum's account and also reimbursement of having to purchase a mobile.


Do I just go to the Telecommunications Ombudsman and lodge a complaint 

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Re: Loss of Service

Hey @LydiaW, thanks for raising this with us and I'm sorry to hear no follow up was provided for your mum's landline fault.


There should of been a fault ticket opened for the issue that will get automatically assessed for CSG compensation. Do you have any reference numbers related to the fault? They typically start with 18 and get send via SMS.


If the account is in your name, feel free to send me a private message with your account number, full name and DOB so I can double check this for you. If it's under another name, please send the same details but include the account holder's name and the account PIN for third party access.

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