Live Chat and TRYING to do ANYTHING


I'll cut to the chase. I can't get on Live Chat either via the app, Chrome, Firefox, or IE. Doesn't matter if it's at home or at work. It either doesn't even bring up the chat window (desktop browser) or says all consultants are busy (app). 5 days and counting. I spent 30 mins waiting on the line only to be hung up on this morning. Yes, I have filed a complaint. I'm sick of it.


Here's the rub - I am now paying for TWO broadband services. I want to cancel my first one since I got my new service last Thursday. I can't seem to do this without talking to someone BUT I CAN'T GET ON TO ANYONE. I'm not paying for a day of service past the 14th of December.


Please advise how I can actually resolve this issue.

Re: Live Chat and TRYING to do ANYTHING

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Sounds a bit strange. Thousands talk to Optus via livechat every day. I just clicked on it 2 minutes ago and was connected to someone in 20 seconds.


Just navigate to the Optus Website. Pick something (a mobile offer, a broadband special, etc.) you should see a livechat icon left of screen pop up.


Failing that, then while these days its all about two clicks and you're done the old ways still apply. Writting a letter to Optus is a fully legal document and taken seriously as such. Best way to notify them of any changes you want (if livechat doesn't work)


Peter Gillespie

Re: Live Chat and TRYING to do ANYTHING


Thanks mate. Will have to try a letter to at least draw a line in the sand regarding my service cancellation



Re: Live Chat and TRYING to do ANYTHING



I have recently migrated to the NBN and in My Account it still shows two broadband services, however, I only get charged for one service.

Could this be your issue.



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