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Linking Broadband and Mobile Accounts

Hi all, 

Hopefully this is on the correct board. 


I have both a postpaid mobile account and a home broadband (cable) account with Optus. 

I've set up the mobile account with MyAccount, and wanted to link the broadband service to the same MyAccount, but I have no option to Add or Link Services. 

I've seen Add Services as an option on my wife's MyAccount, but the entire MyAccount interface is different when I log in (even on the same device).

Does anyone have any suggestions? 

I've seen a post on here from someone with the same/similar issue, but the thread ended with a Moderator asking for a PM.

Thanks in advance.  

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Re: Linking Broadband and Mobile Accounts

Hey @liamcon - that's definitely strange 😕

I know that Cable services aren't always fully compatible with My Account but you shouldn't be having that kind of trouble with the profile for your Mobile service.

Please get in touch with us via Live Chat HERE so we can get to the bottom of it for you. 

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