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Link Mobile Broadbank to MyOptus Account

How do I link a 4g Mobile Broadband Service to a MyOptus Account?  Cant view bills, usage etc without that.

My Optus account set up as part of purchase of service, but service not automatically linked.

Loging into My Optus account on web shows no services.

Clicking Link my Service does nothing.

Using the App, it offers to send an SMS, but this is 4g service not a phone service so useless.

Sales Support cant help.  Tech support: cant get through.

Website messages tell me to message support through the app due to covid overload. Within the app it tells me to go to live chat if somethings not right.  But that link takes to a message that says live chat is not available and I need to login to the My Optus App and "message us".  Thats a bit circular and useless.

Millions of qualified unemployed people looking for jobs. And no one to help!

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Re: Link Mobile Broadbank to MyOptus Account

I have exactly the same problem. I can’t link My new 4G Home Broadband service to MyAccount. Message - service not eligible. Help please.


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