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'Line by line' spam reporting?

Hi 🙂  Confirming that EACH spam email needs to be 'reported' line by line?  I get HEAPS of spam emails lately, and talking to a colleague about it, she had been getting the exact same ones so it's not necessarily related to any algorithms connected to my/our searches.  I find it very frustrating that I cannot 'block' an @address domain.  I have consistently "reported spam" from my account for over 12 months and still get the same emails almost daily.  Are there any plans to give the clients optional control over blocking receiving emails from specific @addresses  to reduce the ridiculous number of spam emails still getting through? Alternatively, being able to 'bulk' identify and report these emails would at least be of some benefit.

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Re: 'Line by line' spam reporting?

Hi @Kellygang

At this stage, the option to report spam can only be done using the report spam button via Webmail User Interface. That being said, I have marked your post to be passed on as feedback to our internal teams. 

I would also recommend checking our Optus Webmail Spam Filter FAQ's post for helpful hints and tips that may be relevant with regards to spam reporting. 

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