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Latest Windows 10 update


Does anyone know anything about the new Windows 10 update "countdown to goodness" what it exactly is? Is it absolutely essentual to the working of my laptop? how much internet data it will eat to download? As I am a pensioner, windows updates cost me hundreds of dollars with  "updates" when I got this newlaptop last year, I keep delaying it and am sick of repeated hourly  reminders  Can I STOP these reminders and say NO ! to the updates. I have heard some peopl's computers have crashed with the new Windows updates Am worried !


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Sorry to hear you last time you did an update it cost you hundreds of dollars. Some updates can be small, to the biggest ones can be an entire gigabyte or two to download.  What type of Internet are you using? We might be able to recommend a new/better offer to make it more affordable to download.  By todays standards, a GB or two to download, shouldnt cost much, as most plans include sizable amounts even on products like Prepaid Wireless.  What are you currently paying and for how much?

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last night while I was typing my question on yes crowd, windows snuck in and put the update on, darn !

I am on prepaid mobile broadband with optus. As I am a pensioner with a limited budget I cannot commit to any plans

When I bought this laptop last year Windows 10 downloaded numerous updates in a 2-3 month period totalling about $300

My old laptop had windows 7 and I loved it. Windows 10 is definately NOT an improvement on 7.

Is there away of avoid windows 10 updates. So many compared to windows 7

Can I find out what the update is and refuse it before it is downloaded

Very frustrated


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Hey @KrisCole1, if you're on an unlimited internet plan then the size of the download wouldn't be impacted. If you're tethering from your mobile to a desktop though then yeah, the update can quickly eat into your data usage. 


To turn off notifications for the update:


1. Go to "All Settings"

2. Select "System"

3.  In “System,” click “Notifications & Actions” from the left-hand menu.


From there, you can turn off notifications and I believe you can also turn off notifications for updates, although I am admittedly going by memory, but there is definitely a "Notifications" sections in Settings. Let us know how you go!


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