Landline dead for more than three weeks. Case 21014038

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Our landline was disconnected four about four weeks from February 15th.
It was working then until April 12th - ist is dead again since.

we had a number of online-chats and phone calls with Optus and they always promised that it indeed was disconnected (not explaining why). Four times we got the promise that it will be reconnected again within 24 to 48 hours. Last time we got this promise was last Friday at noon - that's almost exactly 100 hours ago.
We sent mails "Customer Relations" and to "Enquriies" - without any reply.

We're here the editors for "Die Woche", Australia's only German Language Newspaper. And, believe it or not, we have to rely on a working landline in the editorial office.
And no: we do not want a call-forwarding to one of our mobile phone. We want the landline we pay for.
Our publisher calculated that we already lost a lot of money because Optos seems to be unable to reconnect our phone. Will Optus pay for? Most probably not.

A while ago we were wondering why Optus was close to the end of the list and even worst than Telstra when it comes to the quality of the service. Now we know.

For us it is meanwhile very clear: if our line is not fixed by tomorrow (May 8th) at noon we'll have to inform ACCC as well as TIO. It looks like Optus only starts working with a littel bit of pressure like that.

In general: sure faults can happen. If black outs of a day or two are possible. But nor for weeks. And the worst thing: all these lies telling us "your problem will be fixed latest after48 hours. Your have priority."

Re: Landline dead for more than three weeks. Case 21014038


So a few things:


Do you have a business account? (after all your using it at a business)

Do you know how the landline service is delivered e.g. you plug a phone into an Optus supplied router or just a standard line to the phone exchange?


As for those 2 email addresses - they are not the standard support process

- If you have a business account you would have a specific phone number to call and depending on size of business - an Optus staff member that manages your account.


ACCC do not handle individual cases, TIO do manage small business complains as long as you have 20 or less staff.

In order to log a TIO complaint you need to log a complaint with Optus - I see you have a case number - I am not sure if that corrosponds with a complaint - perhaps are one in the same.


Optus complaints process including online form:


In regards to a temporary fix - diversion to a mobile is standard practice - its all down to how the service is delivered and what is needed to fix it.

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Re: Landline dead for more than three weeks. Case 21014038


Thanks for your reply!

Yes, we were told it is a business account.

Yes, landline is plugged into an Optus supplied router. Internet is working perfectly - phone light is off.

These were the email-addresses I was in touch with before.

We called the phone number several times. Very friendly people on the other end. Just their promises were not kept.
ACCC was very helpful when we had our daily blackouts after we've got NBN.

Concerning TIO - yes, we'll be in touch with them.

I know that diverting to a mobile is possible - but that's not the solution just a temporary fix. We want the problem to be solved.

No answer so far.


Re: Landline dead for more than three weeks. Case 21014038


Hi Deiter,

We are suffering exactly the same problem as you, no phone light on modem, no dial tone, just engaged signal. Made numerous enquiries and have not had one response from a case manager to date. If you do a google search on this it comes back with lots of hits from people, therefore it's a common technical issue in their system that should be easy to rectify, but unfortunately they really don't seem to care. Ours is a private phone and as such I've had enough and will be filing a complaint with the TIO tomorrow. Good luck to you.

Re: Landline dead for more than three weeks. Case 21014038



I'm glad to hear that we're not the only ones.

The problem is indeed that they promise a lot but don't care if needed.
Yep, hopefully TIO is a solution.
I'll update in my broken English as soon as there is something new.


Re: Landline dead for more than three weeks. Case 21014038


Hey Dieter,

Just had an online chat to try and find out what the problem is and this is an extract of the chat and their answer: 


What exactly is the problem? A quick search on google and optus crowd shows many others impacted in the same way.

Optus Person,  

That is regarding some activation in the work orders from the back end team as of we know.
But there are still some work which we needs to be completed in the lines by the case management team.

For the further updates you will be updated."


In our case we had ported over from ADSL to NBN basically same home bundle and number as before, had an initial problem that we couldn't receive calls , they fixed that, had a functioning phone for a week and a half then they just turned it off. It's absolutely absurd, while they sort out some back end issue with work orders?

Re: Landline dead for more than three weeks. Case 21014038


Hi Dieter,

I have checked the ticket number you have provided and it was closed on the 2nd of May:

gave a test call home phone was ringing                     

checked customer was calling from Optus Store               

checked with store rep Elias, he gave a call on customers home phone and confirmed home phone is ringing

Did you get these test calls? It's unclear if you answered them.

If further help is needed, as Paddylee suggested please follow our complaints process.

It may be quicker if you have a social media account, please send a PM to Optus on Facebook or a DM on Twitter with the details and ask them to re-open the ticket.
If not, please chat with us.  

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Re: Landline dead for more than three weeks. Case 21014038

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Hi Ray

Optus actually gave mus two different case numbers for the same case. There is 20980284 which we got on April 22 - and there is the one you already have (21014038) given to us on April 30.

However, we did not receive any calls. Would have been impossible anyway as our landline is dead and the phone light on the modem is off.

Please check our telephone number - *hidden*

What a chaos.


Re: Landline dead for more than three weeks. Case 21014038


Hi Ray,

what I forgot: who is Elias? Haven't been to an Optus store...


Re: Landline dead for more than three weeks. Case 21014038


We are having exactly the same problem and are being treated like mushrooms. The people who eventually answer the phone (one after 1.5 hours, for which I was paying 89 cents a minute on my mob) have put my calls through to my mob,which is a big help but that is not always convenent, and have tried to be helpful, but they cannot solve the landline problem  and someone, somewhere who is responsible for this needs to get their act together and do so. We have been given no information regarding the problem and are treated very poorly.  We have been with Optus for about 20 years and have always been happy in the past. Now I am quite disgusted by their apparent lack of consideration to the problems they are creating. Out online landline account has also disappeared without trace.

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