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Hi Optus - landline number porting is still outstanding since december 2017.

I keep going around the houses with this.

Ported number from iinet, I can still control the number via iinet's toolbox i.e. diversions etc and I am able to still see the usage of the number through iinet toolbox.

I also have a working landline at my home that automatically blocks its caller id for some reason. When I *31 and make a call it shows the number that is supposed to have ported is calling. When I call the number back it diverts to the voicemail number I have set up in iinet.

Can someone please look into this and provide an explanation of how to move this formward? I have been paying both yourselves and iinet for 5 months waiting for a solution!


Re: Landline Number Porting


@Sean-E-Mac, I've sent you a private message about this one.


You're welcome to chat with us there. 


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Re: Landline Number Porting

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Dan apparently I have used up my quota for sending private messages on yes crowd after sending you one reply?

Anyway, So here is the new problem now I guess: Hopefully we can get this fixed finally...


Showing in iinet toolbox now (i have obscured the number but it is correct in message):
10 May 2018 01:27PM - by System
iiNet has received a Cat A port away from iiNet for this Naked iiTalk service (02 xxxx xxxx), which means the customer has approached Telstra and asked for their phone number to be moved back to Telstra. 
As such iiNet has passed the phone number back to Telstra and the Naked iiTalk service has been cancelled. 
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