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Landline Error


My Landline is connected. The Dial Tone sounds when plugged in initially however it tones out and then you hear nothing. Just silence. 

I have checked all the connections 5+ times, Turned off & unplugged and eliminated as per the trouble shooting and still having issues with a Handset plugged from the Modem (Phone Port 1) into the Phone..

As above. I get a dial tone however it doesn't reset when I ''hang up'' the handset. It just sounds the dial tone until it times out and has the long beeps and then into silence.

I am also unable to make phone calls or receive phone calls. 

Please help. 

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Re: Landline Error

Hi there, @LN1521

Thanks for getting in touch about your landline troubles. 

Have you had a look at our Network Status Page  to see if there are any interruptions in your area, that may be the cause of this?

Can I ask what sort of landline you have? For example, are you on NBN with a VoIP line or on ADSL with a standard landline?

Have you another landline phone to plug in and see if it works?

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