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Just moved and have no power in wall sockets for ADSL and Phone service

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Hey we recently moved houses and have ADSL broadband service. However it seems as if there is no power in the wall sockets of the house when we connect our ADSL and phone service to it.

I'm just wondering if Optus technical service sorts this issue out or do we have to call a private technician to fix our phone lines?


Re: Just moved and have no power in wall sockets for ADSL and Phone service

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Optus is responsible for the phone wiring up until your first telephone socket (usually this is the closest socket to where your phone cabling connects to your premises). This is called the Network Boundary Point (NBP). Any internal wiring or sockets beyond the NBP are the responsibility of the owner of the premises.

You only need to call us if you're unsure where your network bounday point might be or if a problem lies with your first socket or the wiring to the street and beyond. If so, contact Optus Faults & Technical support on 13 13 44 (24/7).

If you need work done on your internal wiring/sockets that are beyond your particular NBP, you can organise a private contractor to complete the work for you.

Just make sure they're ACMA approved (which means they're licensed to work with telecommunications cabling).

Please note: Optus is not liable for any loss or damage caused by the private contractor that you hire.

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