Jan (CP488232) you are exemplary at customer service


I have been having an ongoing issue with Optus since July-16. I had decided I was definitely walking away from Optus, once my contract had expired. Dealing with Optus customer service representatives that although always apologetic and understanding never changed anything. I work in an industry where customer service equals business, so when I see unimpressive customer service, I recognise it. 


How refreshing when I got Jan (Employee # CP488232), today.  She quickly understood that what valuable to the customer, was willing to investigate not only the “why” but more importantly the “so what”. She was informative and insightful. She then took ownership, was solution driven, and by the end of the call had resolved it, faster, better and more reliably, when no-one was willing for 4 months. She exceeded my expectations.


Optus you have an exemplary customer service focussed employee in Jan (Employee # CP488232). She is the only reason, why I will remain an Optus customer. I trust that Jan gets customer service; she will be my go to person in Optus when I need something done. I can only hope she is recognised by Optus and her customer service behaviours are role-modelled throughout your organisation. Then you may have a chance at being an awesome company to deal with.


Re: Jan (CP488232) you are exemplary at customer service


Always refreshing and good to hear about great customer service within these forums. 

We definitely need more people like Jan! Smiley Happy

Re: Jan (CP488232) you are exemplary at customer service


Hey there @DMA - thank you so much for getting in touch with us to let us know, it's so awesome to hear that she's provided a great experience! 

We'll absolutely pass this on for you so she can get the recognition she deserves Smiley Happy 

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