Is there an upgrade?


Ive been experiencing a deteriorated performance from my cable over the last few years and as I have been an Optus cable customer for more than 10 years now was wondering if any of the Optus connect stuff, like the box on side of my house should be upgraded or refreshed as I'm sure the technology has improved 10 fold since it was first installed. I pay the same as a new customer so feel the infrastructure should be keep current.

Has anyone ever gone through this upgrade or refresh ?

I'm lucky to get downloads of 2Mbps and upload of 0.25Mbps and that's through a wired connected on to the cable modem. I get better speeds through my mobile phone on the old 3G network.


Re: Is there an upgrade?


Hi there, the speeds you've reported do seem a little slow, do you notice this just a peak times or is it constant? Have you spoken with the tech support team so they can investigate?


We do offer docsis 3 hardware these days which does enable faster speeds on the cable network

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