Is my site being blocked?


Hi, My wife has started a site via Yola which we can view on Telstra 3G but not via our cable connection and wifi. The site is

I would like to also note that we can't view any sites which are so I think that there might be some very heavy handed site blocking going on. 


If this is the case, how do we get the site unblocked by optus? 

Re: Is my site being blocked?


Hi jamesnightingal, really sorry to hear about the experience you are having. I can assure you that we do not do any website blocking or filtering. It is possible that the particular website is blocking/rejecting Optus IP addresses. You may need to contact your website host to investigate their filters and blacklists.


Have you contacted our Tech Support team? We will be able to investigate your connection and run some tests to see where your internet traffic is failing to that particular site. Please give us a call on 1300300693 open 24/7.

Re: Is my site being blocked?


OK, so after an hour on the phone to Optus Tech support team I am no closer to resolving the problem.


Yola claim it is an Optus problem.

Optus claim it is a Yola problem.


If the site is working via Telstra I don't see why it would be Yola's problem. 

I note that a similar issue was discussed on Whirlpool concerning another site called Cloudflare. Here is the link to the blog on that


It seems that that issue lay in the DNS resolution issue at Optusnet's end. I suspect that there is a similar problem occuring here with Yolasites. 


I stress to you that this problem is one that has arisen recently. When the site was first set up by my wife, we had no problems viewing it. But sometime in the last month we noticed that the site was not working. When or why this change happened we don't know. 


I'll be happy to send the results of my route tracing to you if you can give me an email to write to. 


Re: Is my site being blocked?


Thanks for the update jamesnightingal. If you could please provide the trace route results, that would be great. I'm also going to send you a private message now.

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Re: Is my site being blocked?


Please advise how this was resolved. On Monday Optus blocked my service website which has been operating for 10 years. This is severely affecting my business. It has to be cleared ASAP.

Re: Is my site being blocked?


Since posting this, I have just been able to access my website again after more than 2 days.


It appears that my US server people reported the fault direct to Optus and it was fixed quickly. Thanks Optus!


Please close this request.

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