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Is it just me, why do we have to battle when paying for a service

I'm just keen to know whether its just me that's getting peeved at what I'm getting?


I firstly signed up to a NBN 100Mb plan, only to find after installation it was 25 Mb. When I called in Optus let me know its because I am too far from the exchange for 100Mb (which isn't that far from my house, I can walk there in 10 mins). Price didn't change, however!!! Very convenient


Since then we have constant dropouts, and while the speed is supposed to now be 25Mb upload and 5Mb download, we consistently get ping responses greater than 500ms  and speed way slower than that. For example 6:30am today I am struggling with uploading something to SharePoint - I run a SpeedTest. I am getting 884 ms response, 5.01 Mb download and 0.37 Mb upload - that pretty much the same as when I was on ADSL2 - so what am I actually paying for. 


Support commonly indicates, its because you have so many devices on your network at home. I get the same performance when I shut everything down and use just my test machine, Also sometimes with all those devices connected and working we get up to 25Mb. Explain that


I am getting sick and tired of having to phone support and explaining it, having to answer questions about whether I am Ethernet or Wireless, having to restart my router, having to move my router etc etc etc. I work in IT, have done for 20+ years, I first troubleshoot it myself - but why should I waste my time. I should be getting what I am paying for.


Anybody feel the same or is it just me?











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Re: Is it just me, why do we have to battle when paying for a service

So you're on FTTN.


The Telcos are required to tell you a rated maximum speed for your line (sounds like your's is 25). This speed is beyond Optus control as the NBN now control the line from your house to the node. 


100Mbps usually costs $20 more than 25Mbps so if you recieved no refund then it would be because you were getting the 100mbps for free in the first place. Standard 25Mbps is a $80 plan.


You should also test if the issue is worse in peak hour (7pm-11pm). If you get bigger speed drops then, then its likely because Optus are not supplying enough bandwidth for all customers.


If its generally up and down through the day then the speeds you are reporting are well under what would be considered acceptable. You need to request Optus arrange for an NBN tech to test your line and confirm. If you don't get an improvement soon then you are free to end any contract without penalty and leave.




Peter Gillespie

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