Is Optus really the worst ever service provider


ordered a new cable broadband , phone and Fetch on 19th Feb , 9days ago. Everything went thru ok and I was given a weborder number and I was promised that the new connection will be installed and ready to use within 9 to 10 business days. 

After a week, on 26th Feb, i tried to track the order and I found out that the order number provided was invalid. Contacted livechat and they could not find my order. This conversation / chat took 90 painful minutes. They were rying o tell me stories around their systems and processes - it will take 5 to 6 business days to generate the order and it will take dditional 9-10 business days to install the service! Finally the supervisor promised me that they would email me the staus on 26th Feb . Nothing received so far .

Today (28th Feb) i contacted optus again (livechat) and I spent another 70 minutes of agony. Guess the outcome ? nothing. Again I was promised that someone will conact me within 4 hours and that was 3.5 hours ago. I have the transcripts for all the 3 chats. 

I have never come across such a poor customer service in Australia! Every time they just wanted to get out with some excuse - "Assist" is not working, my manager is not there, the person who promised to send email will not arrive for another 4 hours.....

Just unbelievable .... this is for a new business !  There is NO concept of Customer and hence no customer service ! This is for a prospective customer who generates new business for Optus.

Re: Is Optus really the worst ever service provider


In response to your question, it’s hard to say when the comparison to be made witb is Vodafone and Telstra, so the bar is already set to a level comparable to a snakes belly.

I’ll go out on a limb and say all three are as bad as each other and if you think I’m sitting on the fence then please go and read the forums on their websites and tell me if you don’t feel like you’ve entered a bizarro world where the service is appaling but the telco has a different name.

Let’s be fair now when you start to use the term worst ever service are you including banks, airlines, hotels, department stores or just about any company or corporation that provides their assistance through the use of overseas based CSR or using local based CSR who appear in dealing with then that their IQ level and attention span rivals a house brick?


tl;dr the worst service is everywhere and getting worse


Re: Is Optus really the worst ever service provider


Ohh thats nothing took my 2 1/2 months and 3 days of work to get mine sorted. Optus just cancelled my order twice and didn't contact me. They cancelled it because get this I happen to live in a regional town where we don't have mail service so mail address and street address are different which I clearly put this in the application. Their system apparently can't handle that. Should have left then but didn't every month have to spend about a hour on chat trying to get them to send me a bill despite having given them my email address for online billing.

Re: Is Optus really the worst ever service provider


They would be pretty close to the worst I've ever dealt with. I got transferred over when Virgin bit the dust and every interaction I've had Optus since has been disastrous.


I spent 4 today hours on live chat, with three different operators, only to find out that they'd made an error with my email address (to do with the Vivid Wireless takeover) and consequently were charging me incorrectly. The big concession? They'd waive the late fee on a bill I knew nothing about and hadn't been sent to me, which was for a service that had been full paid up till the end of May.  Big of them.


At the end of four hours? They didn't really resolve anything, told me the website was playing up, gave me the support phone number and told me to call them.


Thanks for nothing.

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