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New Contributor

Intrusive calls from bogus people claiming to be from Telstra


I an being pestered by telephone calls from people (male & female) claiming to be from Telstra. They are saying that they are installing Telstra on my Optus line. When I question them about an order number and appointment time they hang up. After an hour or so they are back again on the phone. I have ignore them but they keep pestering me.

Where can I go to lodge an official complaint? I an sure other people are also being misled by this group. 

They only use the telephone to extract information from you so that they can hack into your system.

Any help out there?


John P. 

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Honoured Contributor

Re: Intrusive calls from bogus people claiming to be from Telstra

Hi John,


They're criminals and unfortunately there's not much to do about it. I'd ask why they keep calling back? You should be simply hanging up the second you recognise its them. If you engage in any sort of discussion they would consider you a potential mark.


As a general rule I do the following:


1) Never answer a call with no ID

2) Never answer a call with a number you don't recognise. 


Even though number two might seem inconvienent almost anyone with an unknown number will not be someone you want to talk to. Those that have to get through to you (businesses etc.) will have another method of contact anyway (email etc.)


If you do those two things you will have a much less stressful day.


Peter Gillespie

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