I am very dissatisfied with Optus. I have terrible mobile reception and have to go outside to use the phone. Internet is not good, when I go to a website I get a message saying ' there is a problem with web page and it has been reloaded'. This happens about every 5 minutes. Frustrating .

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Hey @Rmack2, sorry to hear of your reception issues at home. This could be a combination of the frequencies your phone uses, and what's available in your area. If it's working outside, then you may only have access to low indoor frequencies. I would advise speaking with Mobile Tech Support via Live Chat so they can grab your details and check for this. If the reception is found to not be suitable, options for a contract release will be provided. 

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Re: Internet

Thanks for the information. I checked my coverage and it appears in in a black spot, that's the reason for the problem I have with Internet.
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