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Internet speed

So I did a speed test at with the result of a download speed 6.78 mbps and upload speed of 0.32 mbps . Is this very bad for ADSL2+ and what would I expect from NBN? I was told by optus I was getting 20 mbps on my current ADSL2+  however the speeds appear very far apart from any test I have done.  Is mobile wireless broadband better or does the risk of bad weather make it unreliable?

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Re: Internet speed

What street / postcode are you in?


What NBN technology are you using (FTTN?)


Oh, I see you're asking about moving onto NBN later? Is your area NBN ready? When will it go live? Will it be FTTN?


Are you testing on a wired network or wifi? Are you testing off peak (11pm-6pm)?


FWIW Your results are ball park for ADSL2+ (75% of users would typically get below 10Mbps). ADSL2+ has a theoretical maximum speed of around 20Mbps but almost no one gets that (you have to be living next door to an Optus node.)


Mobile Broadband gets up to 12Mbps and should be fairly reliable (it usues the same network as your mobile phone). However it would also probably usually sit somewhere atound 7-8 Mbps.


The NBN should be a very big step up in your capability however there's definitely variability in how well it is set up at each house (and depends what tech you use). In almost all cases NBN will be much better than ADSL (and even bad installs whould improve over the next few years as the rollout beds down.)




Peter Gillespie

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Re: Internet speed

@petergdownload  is correct about using Wifi. It can often be terrible. Also Speedtest can be wrong. You need to test against Microsoft service packs and ARNET mirror linux distros.


Mobile speeds are random and depend on local congestion. I tested loads of areas across Sydney at 2pm and got 50mbs on band 28 and 3 all over the place. You have to check to see how near a tower is. If they are all equidistant to you, it's a trouble zone.