Internet slow since switch to optus


Hi I have recently switched from telstra 500gb adsl2+ plan to optus unlimited adsl2+ for price and usage. 

Since I have made the change I have had alot slower download speeds I used to get consistent speeds between 800kbs - 1.2mbs sometimes higher.

Now im getting around 400kbs - 600kbs.

every now and again I get up to 1.2mbs but not very often and for a time.

it is making streaming videos very bad always has to stop and buffer and also finding myself getting disconnected all the time when playing online games on ps4.

I never had any problems like this while I was with telstra and am wondering whether it is the modem that optus sent me that is causing the slow connection or if it is just optus?

I know that telstra owns the exchange but both optus and telstra told me that I should still get the same speed.

Any help would much appreciated thanks in advance

Re: Internet slow since switch to optus


Hi horidori


How did you get on with resolving your speed issues?


If keeping the same service type between providers, as in ADSL to ADSL, you could expect the speeds to be roughly the same.


You can try some troubleshooting yourself by following some of these Speed Troubleshooting steps.


I would also recommend running some speed tests at Doing this leaves a log so that if we need to look into the service we can see some results already.


Let us know how you get on or if you require further assistance.





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