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Internet lights in modem off

Hi there, I received my modem 3days ago, and I installed it myself, I put the power cord and dsl cable. Turned it on, the dsl lights on, wifi and power but internet lights off. I tried to fix it with getting information from “optus live chat” but still can’t fixed it.. can I get help? Like bringing someone ( technician) ? To. Fixed it for me? I don’t know if the modem has a problem or the somewhere problem in the dsl port in the wall... pls help ASAP... I feel sad with this as it takes lots of my time....calling live chat so many times and fixing by myself and not works...

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Re: Internet lights in modem off

If you plug the modem in and power it up, then Optus should be able to see it from their end. 


If they can't see your modem then request a replacement modem.


Alternatively request a technician via livechat.




Re: Internet lights in modem off

Sorry to hear your new service isn't up and running. It sounds like the best department to assist will be the Pre-Activation team. If you jump into Live Chat here and go Broadband > Track Your Order, this will connect you with their team and they can raise a case to get your activation completed.

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