Internet is absolutely terrible

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Hi OpTUs,

I dont know what the hell is happening over there and i dont really know what you guys do but im pretty sure that u guys are messing something up. Over here, and im pretty sure everywhere over australia there are many people havoing the same problem that i am having. Two sides to this aswell, either fixed or not fixed. Well to get to the point, my internet is absolute *moderated* because u guys or i dont know what, is making my internet disconnect. It is VERY frustrating ill tell u that. just fix it please. Dont tell me to restart the modem or anything like that cuz it doesnt work. OH and we even called in a guy to fix it for us. he told us to get a "gaming router" cuz that'll help fix it. and so we did.

Netgear xr500 gaming router is what we got. still no help. "itll help fix lag" "itll make ur internet not drop out". yikers w/e man if u guys dont fix it im just gonna drop off optus and hello to telstra or somethin dude

Re: Internet is absolutely terrible


So you went out and bought a pointlessly expensive router on a whim? I'm a little confused by your post.


What is the "XR500" plugged into?


What kind of internet do you have? Cable, NBN, ADSL?



What is the actual problem you are having? Please don't just say "drop outs", as we'd need much more info. As drop outs are too widely used to describe "not working" but without info it doesn't narrow down the problem or what you "need to say".


If you say drop outs...

- Does the "DSL" or "INTERNET" light flash?

- If cable, does the "DS" "US" "ONLINE" light flash?

- If you have something in front of your "XR500" that is a "modem", what is that?

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