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New Contributor JPVitale
New Contributor

Internet connection LOST

A couple days ago our internet connection went out the door and hasnt come back.

tried the factory reset but still nuddah!!

its says its connected and everything but still no access to the net. 

what can i do to get our connection back??


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New Contributor muralid
New Contributor

Re: Internet connection LOST

Hi...I'm having the same problem with Optus SAGEMCOM modem connected to Optus Cable Modem.

Can not establish Internet connection (although WiFi is connected) after a power outage. Factory Reset does not help.

I replaced it with old Netgear works ok.

What was the fix for your modem?

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RetiredModerator AlexRH

Re: Internet connection LOST

Hey @muralid, can you confirm whether this was your own modem that you'd plugged in? Or a spare one from us?

It sounds like there's an issue with your Sagemcom hardware that we may need to investigate further 😞

Please PM me with your account number/username and I can check it out. 

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