Internet congestion


Hey there optus people,

can somebody tell me if there is any planned upgrades to equipment in the Bentleigh, Victoria area.

I've been on cable here for 10+ years and when it was good it was excellent.

Since then there must have been a gazillion new customers signed up ( and sold MY internet ).

I'm getting speeds between 500k - 1.5M between 7pm-11pm.

Cant do much with that, even email comes in slowly.

Been complaining to tech support for months, been sold a new modem, had techs out here a few times.

Replaced connectors, replaced the modem, another tech is booked to come out on Tuesday.

Keep hearing same old thing, you know internet has changed, what people are doing with it now.

Yeah I get that, thats why Ive been sold bigger and bigger and bigger plans.

I couldnt possibly download my limit at the speed i get.

And Optus keeps selling bigger and bigger plans, but doesnt seem to upgrade the network to keep up.

Its an old area here, no population explosion going on here.

Come on OPTUS, whats the deal?

Dont want to, but looks like I have to go if it doesnt get sorted.

Re: Internet congestion



Latest 2 speed tests


Download Speed: 701 kbps (87.6 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 117 kbps (14.6 KB/sec transfer rate)
Latency: 47 ms
Friday, 31 January 2014 9:19:07 PM

Download Speed: 18334 kbps (2291.8 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 379 kbps (47.4 KB/sec transfer rate)
Latency: 39 ms
Friday, 31 January 2014 10:54:20 PM

Re: Internet congestion


Hey Tony - speed can be impacted by many factors. In peak periods speed will reduce whilst the majority of users are online. We try & minimise this as much as possible & perform upgrades to the network when required. I can check the current status of your exchange, I just need you to share your account information using our form.

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Re: Internet congestion


Guys you have it good!  I have been asked not to use internet & telephone between 0800 & 0200 7 days - due to "network congestion". They can't do anything about it as there are no network upgrades in the planning stage let alone getting it done. Had hope to be on NBN by end of 2014 but that is now gone too! No other carrier will take on new customer "because the situation will be the same, using the copperwire network".  Which is owned by ...  guess who.  Who will do nothing about it. 

Had to shut down last night because nothing was coming through again!  You still have to pay the bills though!  Some assistance given but can't contact my "case manager" for 2 weeks now.  Resorted to the Communications Minister but nothing there either!

I thought we were a developed country. South America and even the former Eastern Bloc countries in Europe have superior and consistent internet and telephone connections. Not in Australia and even witin a 50 km radius of a majpr city!

Just have to keep making the noise - the squeaky wheel - maybe something will happen in my lifetime but not counting on it. :-((

Re: Internet congestion


Thanks for replying Julz,

I fully understand congestion, I"ve been in telecommunications for too long already.

I just want to know if something is being done about it in my area.

I've filled in your form, hope that helps.

Its been getting worse for months and last week was just hopeless, can heat affect it?

Since Sunday its been pretty good.

Tech support are polite, but cant tell me anything really,they dont seem to have access to any info re system upgrades.

They send another tech out, a huge waste of resources cause theres nothing wrong in the house.

Looking forward to good news from you


Re: Internet congestion



unfortunately we set up our life and business to suit the existing situations and facilities.

Then they sell bits of our service off to new customers and we still get charged for the lesser service.

Someone is getting a truck full of money for the new services, but where does it go.

No phone or internet from 0800 - 0200, are you serious.

If the railways said, you need to catch the train to work at 3am and home again at 1am there would be a royal commission.

I think we'll get better internet when Murdoch says we can.

Re: Internet congestion


Hi Tony,

Unfortuntely that was the message from the tech specialist in the last conversation just on two weeks ago. Prior to that I was told to forget 1800 - 0000 daily, but it msut be worse in the intervening weeks.  At least provider is keeping tabs but each time someone s sent out, as you say it is a waste of time. The network owner has stated it is my equipment, my house wiring, etc. NEVER the network, yet others in this area have similar problems no matter what provider!   I have changed equipment from phones, to routers, to computers - desktop & laptops, plus from Windows tro Apple and consistently have the same results. Oh! The house was rewired as well.  Line pairs have been changed in excess of 40 times and I gave up counting after 35!

The Communications Minister's office staff have been chasing up but haven't heard further form them for over 2 weeks either.

Frustration. The special techs have been here and actually watched some of the internet speed fluctuations, but can't sort the issues out. In the past they told me the NBN would be the solution, but that is ....  who knows where! 

I now usually turn everything off when I am not using it and when it is bad it is easier to turn it off and forget about it for the rest of the day & night. Sometimes it surprises. To download the Mavericks OS for the Apple - started in December (before Christmas) and finally finished the download Jan 22. Great connection speeds! 0 - 30 kbps often!  That is supposed to be ADSL2+ and is worse than a dial up connection. No I haven't even reached half of my monthly allowance either!



Re: Internet congestion

Hey Tony - we've received your form however some of the details are missing. I've sent you a private message.
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