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i am disgusted. I have had to use my mobile broadband data for internet and I have been paying $80 a month and not being able to use my so called unlimited data. 

Please fix the internet speed in my area or else I will have to lodge an investigation. I shouldn’t be using my mobile data at home. 

Re: Internet Speed Mount Waverley

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Hi there,

Disappointing to hear that. You've come to the right place to express your frustration however nobody here is able to fix your internet speed without further specific details. Is it slow? Completely down? At certain times of the day or all the time? What are your speed test results?

If you haven't already, check that there are no Fixed outages in Mount Waverley using our Network Status page.

You haven't mentioned what type of internet you have, on the Network Status page you'll also see troubleshooting guides and if that still doesn't help, links for further help to speak with our Technical Support teams.

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