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I've had my Internet connection being patchy (drop outs occurring) since last Friday (7th September) and apparently there's maintenance happening.  Last night connection wasn't available and I spent nearly 3 hours trying to trouble shoot with Optus on my phone.  I could not even tether onto my devices from my phone as it wasn't connecting. On Sunday night I spent time troubleshooting also and the connection did get fixed and then it dropped out again.   

Why were customer not notified of this maintenace and is it acceptable that Optus leave customer without connection while they are undertaking maintenance.  I pay for the service and expect the service to be delivered.  


The whole experience with troubleshooting with Optus has been extremely painful and when do we just get a human we can talk to instead of wasting time typing.  I was also promised a phone call by 10am this morning which hasn't come through and as of last night, it's literally two strikes for Optus.  Someone just fix it.  It's unacceptable that you don't have a backup connection for customer when you're undertaking maintenance. 

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What are those links?

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Hey @tlwk28 - thanks for taking the time to write this up.


When there's maintenance occurring in your area, there's not much point in doing troubleshooting as you more than likely won't see any improvements. 

That being said, your service shouldn't be completely interrupted for the full duration of the maintenance. 


Can you please confirm your postcode and suburb? I'll take a further look.

Apologies for the downtime. 

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