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Internet Constantly Failing and rerouting Montose- Kilsyth

Over the last 3 months our Cable internet has dropped out or gone off for hours.

Over the last month every 5 -10 minutes the internet goes off while the modem tries to reconnect.

So no fetch - no  internet.

Speedtest shows the server as Telstra Windsor, then when it goes down and comes back - shows Vodaphone, then AArnet, then optus burwood.  Two nights ago was routing through india somewhere.

Last night the speed was 0.02 down and 2.17 Up.  Unusable!!!!!!!


I do work form home often at night and my daughter does distance ED at home where she watches classes via  a live video link.

Its impossible to use.  4G isn't much better here, so thats not an alternative.


We are paying good money for a service this is NOT being provided.

You cannot use the internet as it goes down every 5 minutes whilst resetting. 

You can't watch fetch, you can't browse the internet.


We are paying for a service that is non existant.

Has anyone gone to the telecommunication ombudsman?

Logged a service call but the issue is outstanding without resolution date.

So our service should be free till we get what we pay for, this is seriously bad customer service.



Is anyone else in the Kilsyth/montrose area being affected?
The faults support guy said over 80 services are affected.

Perhaps we should go to the ombudsman as a group for compensation.


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Re: Internet Constantly Failing and rerouting Montose- Kilsyth

I'm sorry to hear about the ongoing network issues @ilikebundy. Do you have a fault reference number we can take a look into for you? As you've referred this to the TIO, your account should currently be managed by our Customer Relations Team. However, if you can send through a private message with your account details, we can certainly check on the updates for you. 

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