Internet Connetion - Useless Optus Support

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We have had numerous issues with Optus in relation to a business.


We have finally had the telephone line connected after an entire month, however, the internet still remain unusable. 


I have attempted to contact Optus on various occasions, yet the issue remain unresolved.


I tried again today, but was informed that the department is closed. 


Optus support is undeniably useless.


Re: Internet Connetion - Useless Optus Support


Afternoon @danniyao


Just after a bit of clarification. When you say unusable, is it an issue to do with poor speeds/drop outs, or are you waiting on the activation of the broadband service?


If you like, you can send us a private message. We'll need your full name, DOB and account number.


I'm happy to go in and see if we can work out what's going on. 


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Re: Internet Connetion - Useless Optus Support


I have been without internet for a month, tried numerous times on the chat line. Drops out and have to start again, seriously looking at swapping to telstra.

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