Internet Congestion in MT waverley


 Internet service is very slow for past one week. Have being restarting my modem with minimal success. Called support and advised that its due to congestion in the area. Does it really matter to consumer, we want you to fix the issue rather than telling us the issue?


Didn't you perform some analysis before over selling? Add to would, advised that this happens after hours as more people are using the internet. What a use of paying for a service when you can't use when required. It's like train service provider telling you that congestion is during office hours and not during rest of the day.


I want to understand why issue can't be fixed if its known and why we are paying for the service which is not available when needed.


Re: Internet Congestion in MT waverley


Same issue here in Sunshine 3020. I was online but terribly slow, 30seconds to load Google on multiple devices and browsers. Did the usual powercycle modem with coaxial cable. Now can't even get on,  called optus and he said upgrades occurring and he'll pass onto network team.


I check the internet status page for outages... Nothing... So whose telling fibs!

Re: Internet Congestion in MT waverley


The major ISPs dropped the ball in the sight of the NBN stomping all over them, and started putting loads into mobile. Also, when two companies overcompete, they drop infrastructure investment.

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