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I am goinng to move out within a few weeks. And the place where i am gonna go already have internet.
Is it possible to pause my internet connection for two months? I mean I don't want to pay cancellation fee i.e. 350$+ and just want to move my internet to next place where I am gonna move after 2 months or so. Even though Optus Internet is kind of crap. Dl speed is was 650 KB, which was changed to 1 MB after multiple enquiry to Optus support for more than 6 months. I was in lock in contract with Optus by Monster Internet or something didn't even knew i was in lock in contract. Only got to know it after i wanted to cancel it right after 1 month of installation.

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There was talk of a pause option being available (2 months a year I believe) However its one of those features that most at Optus don't seem to know about. So by all means request it of a MOD or LIVECHAT etc. and try a couple of times maybe. 


In general though Optus just transfer your account. Note that if you have no forwarding address then optus can be inclined to cancel even lock in contracts. Perhaps first contact Optus and just explain you are moving out of your home and have no fixed address to go to and request the remainder of the contract be let go. Worth a shot?


As a hopeful note, ADSL speeds are different at all properties, so its quite likely you'll get much better ones at the new house.


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@Bissosh, there's no official process in place for this kind of thing.

If you do intend on re-joining once you've back into the old property, I'm sure we can work something out with you. If you haven't had much success with a resolution, you can always send us a private message. 

We'll need your full name, DOB and account number. 


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