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Intermittent disconnects and Optus tech support will not acknowledge the issue

Before I get started, I'm a tech guy, just a programmer but I have been around long enough to know what's on my end vs Optus. 


So 29th March begins my excruciating journey to get Optus to acknowledge a local issue here that most normal or casual internet users won't even catch. The only people potentially seeing this issue are gamer's or specifically PC gamer's who capable of doing some basic network troubleshooting.


29th March, I was disconnecting from games like crazy so I figured something was wrong. 


What I have been doing is using hrping which is a better version of ping


  • Pings are hitting my gateway to determine if I have issues locally
  • Pings are hitting google, reddit and an Optus IP I found via tracert 
  • These are logged for an entire day while I am at work and home

What happens is, some services I noticed will just disconnect, it's not noticeable to normal users because if you browse or stream content it'll just pend until it gets a connection back to get data.


For example this is today from 12 AM to 6 PM


  • Of 88663 pings there are 6510 timeouts - that's a massive amount

An example of a stable internet connection which I also have access to a VPS (a server I can remotely log into) and a secondary ISP at my place of resident is no timeouts and that's the same as work because I also can log information like this at work. It's very standard to build some data of internet issues to be addressed.


So what have I done?


  • Eliminated every possible cause, wireless off, my NUC is recording pings, no traffic whats so ever
  • Confirmed locally my network cables are good (I would be getting issues locally via pinging my gateway if it was broke)
  • I own 4 computers, 1 laptop, all pinging at the same time will result in said behaviour (so I doubt all my machines NIC are dead)
  • Called Optus multiple times, contacted chat support

What has Optus done in response?


  • They are not acknowledging there's an issue in my area because the data or traffic information from the modem/router is not displaying issues
  • By my request they provide a reference id and a record my "complaint" but continue to say it's not their problem and I'm left with feeling like these people know nothing - considering they keep suggesting I restart the modem
  • One Optus person on the phone palmed it off to NBN which was a dead transfer even though I'm on cable still
  • One Optus person on chat couldn't even add a reference and they were confused to what references were so they gave me a chat reference number
  • The last Optus person said he can't help me and just added a reference to the issue

What can I do here?


Can I go to some higher body to lodge a complaint because for normal users they won't notice this but I am getting disconnecting from games which is very heavy on the network. Not only that, I put up multiple games that use a constant connection and they all go down.


It's not like I haven't tried everything to exhaust the issue isn't on my end besides changing the modem which I am doing right now, I have another modem Optus randomly sent me because their staff thought "downgrading a plan" warrants a new modem...but we'll see if it's the modem but I highly doubt it.


I'm at a loss, calling Optus is just a chore, I have to go through the process of convincing them I have all the data, I have the logs, I done more than they would ever suggest and I'm writing this here just lost, not even sure I'll get any help here. 


Few years ago the same issue occurred, in our area lots of complaints on Whirlpool and Optus staff were palming it off for months. We had logs, we had the expertise from several people. They sent technicians who could not fix it and it ended up being an issue with the exchange being way too congested.


I've been with Optus for 15 years and feel like it's time to move on to AussieBroadBand, at least my dealings with them for other places/businesses have been no fuss, they sent a technician out immediately and fixed an issue in 2 days of us reporting it. 

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Trusted Contributor

Re: Intermittent disconnects and Optus tech support will not acknowledge the issue

If you feel it's necessary, I would suggest logging a complaint via


Can you share some of the data you've seen? 

Do you have a traceroute to some of these destinations? 


I'm a Yes-Crowd Contributor, not an Optus Employee, and I contribute on a voluntary basis. Did someone on Yes Crowd answer your question? Did they share a great tip Please remember to acknowledge their awesomeness by throwing a Kudo and or Accepted Solution their way.
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Occasional Contributor

Re: Intermittent disconnects and Optus tech support will not acknowledge the issue

Apologies for the late reply, I usually don't log into this forum and when I do it's an update or problem I want to report. 


Thank you so much for the link and I'm using that definitely.


In short I'll summarise it


  • Multiple calls to Optus and they denied any problem, said it was me, said they couldn't help me and so forth
  • I got advised from an ex-Optus employee to keep calling and asking someone who knows what Packet Loss, Ping, Trace Route.
  • After a whole night of calling I finally found one
  • This guy was beyond whatever Optus employs in tech support, he booked technicians to investigate, he didn't walk me through the same garbage the rest do and acknowledge my experience in IT

Basically technicians have come now, they left.


  • Contractors have acknowledged the issue and I assume contacted some people who know what they're doing to assess the issue further in the next 72 hours.
  • I'm 80% sure they can't fix the issue without monitoring the service for 1 week at least and jumping into action when it occurs

I'll use your link on Tuesday if I notice large amount of packet loss, I'll also go above Optus too because this area is not performing well in terms of the network here and it's not fair to the consumers who don't have the expertise to figure out something is wrong.


This ordeal is still continuing - it happens to be an area/node issue and that I'm one of the first to provide indepth data for them to work off and yea, they really quickly determined it was an area issue when they went outside to test.


I probably won't update.


Future people with some ordeal, I use ping plotter to access multiple points and see if there's any issues in packet loss - now I label it as intermitted disconnection for lame man term but packet loss will not seem like that.


Have someone who knows what they're doing contact optus and ring up 10-20 times till you find someone who says "Yes I know what packet loss is, I know what ping is and trace route" because that's the person who knows enough to not beat around the bush and assume you're on wireless, you must be downloading something, your router/modem must be dysfunctional...


Have people sent over, show them the logs and even if they can't determine the issue right there and then, give them all that information and have it escalated to the big boys. 


What an ordeal just to get this acknowledged...I even checked and they finally put out a fault on our area.

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