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Intermittent Cable Slowing

I got Optus Cable about 3 months ago and we pay for the 5ghz speed add on. Every single day we have to reboot our modem. It slows down to 1mbps or stops all together. Once we do that it’s amazing, up to 70mbps but then continues to slow down again. Sometimes it’s ok for a couple of days. We have one PC hard wired and the rest on wifi - speed is just as bad on all. I’ve spent hours on chat, on the phone, changing channels rebooting etc but still the same. A tech came and couldn’t find anything and said maybe upgrade your router... right? We paid the additional $ to get the better one and it’s 3 months old. AND it’s no different on the PC plugged in directly to modem so don’t thinat will help. I’m at my wits end and thinking of cancelling the whole thing and getting Telstra ADSL2 (no NBN here). Does anyone have any advice or has this happened to anyone else? I cannot bare the thought of sitting in bold again... 

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Re: Intermittent Cable Slowing

G'day @Kylie_L


There's a couple of things to remember about the Sagemcom F@st 3864 AC WiFi modem.


- the 5Ghz frequency functions better over shorter distances, but again this does depend the distance between the modem and the device that's using the local AC WiFi Network. 

- You can choose between the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz Networks. There's a separate SSID and password.


Have you tried switching between 2.4 and 5? 


There's absolutely no difference in speed between a hardwired and WiFi connection at home? 


When you spoke with us last, did we give you an idea of how we we're looking in terms of Network capacity? Do you know if the NBN roll out is far off? You can always check via NBN’s roll out map.

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