Installing Sagemcom F@st 3864 V3


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Just had NBN (HFC) installed on 13th Feb.  NBN part was fine (technician came and installed early in the 8-12 time window - he replaced the external Telstra wall plate - and at that time modem and router all seemed to be working) but then it went down again.  Spent a lot of time on the phone with support and they arranged for technician to visit and to ship a new modem.  I did not believe there was any problem with the installation so I tried again the next day and got the router up and connected a PC.  I decided the issue was that Optus provisioning took a while and I had worried as I had been told it would be almost instantaneous.  In reality it took about 2 days.  That night I began to connect up other devices but the router kept going down.  I eventually found I could get internet on 4 ethernet devices and the phone would work.  But every time I tried to plug in the 8-port switch I had been using I lost internet and phones.  I don't use wireless network (Wi Fi).  All ethernet.  


The issue which I need to warn about - everytime I tried to connect the 8-port ethernet switch I had been using with my netgear cable modem to the new Sagemcom router my internet and phone dropped out (even for the other ethernet devices directly connected to the router.)  At that point the username and password supplied for the Sagemcom did not work so I could not check the router.  I finally realised that the issue might be with DHCP.  I had a static IP address configured on the printer.  When I connected the switch it seemed the router could not cope with this.  I eventually connected the switch with only 1 device attached and connected another one every few minutes when I believed the DHCP address for the last one should be configured.  When I got to the printer I configured it to use DHCP and plugged it in to the switch.  Now have all my devices up and running.  Everything seems OK (maybe latency is not good but a minor worry to be dealt with later).  


I have spent a lot of time with support on the phone and chat (they all tried to help) and I have cancelled 2 site visits from technicians but was not able to cancel the new modem they are sending me.  Not much fun but hopefully happy computing from now on. 


I am not expecting a reply.  Just providing information in case someone else has the same issue. 

Re: Installing Sagemcom F@st 3864 V3


It sounds more like an IP address you've configured somewhere on your network is conflicting with another device as such it's causing a switching loop (spanning tree), and because your switch plus the Sagem don't handle STP properly, it's causing your network to fail.

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